Cast iron table legs are commonly used in cafes, restaurants, restaurants. This table type is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. What are the advantages of the iron table legs? This article will help you solve the problem above.
nắp gang hố ga Advantages of cast iron feet:
1. The durability of cast iron
Cast iron table legs with a minimum thickness of 8mm or more should be able to withstand the impact. Along with that, cast iron can withstand the change of weather up to several hundred years.
2. Weight of the material
The nature of the cast iron is very heavy load capacity, so when using the foot table to help the product is firm and not shake to bring comfort to customers during the throne. This type of desk table can be attached to all table types from heavy to light table is very solid and hard to vibrate.
3. Link paint
Longer durability of cast iron than other materials such as nắp hố ga iron, plastic, wood, so that the choice of a harmonious paint will form a leg of cast iron with aesthetic value as well as durability. Belgium long.
4. Variety of designs
Cast iron table legs have many patterns from simple to classic patterns to meet the needs of use in many different spaces.
5. Long-term value
Over many years of use, the product retains the aesthetic values ??as well as the original design.
6. Good Feng Shui
Not only durable, beautiful cast iron feet also bring feng shui values ??of luck, prosperity and prosperity for homeowners. Especially in cafés, it creates a warmth and warmth for tourists, helping owners win big in business. Therefore, you will easily find the iron table legs are present in the chain of leading coffee shops.
Drawbacks of cast iron feet:
 Besides the advantages of the table foot cast iron also exist certain nắp gang hố ga disadvantages. In particular, the fragility is brittle, heavy load is difficult to transport and cost more than the table legs from other materials.
However, with the improved technology, our company has overcome these limitations and launched the product quality cast iron legs with the best price.
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