On 30/12/2013, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs issued Circular No. 36/2013 / TT-BLDTBXH on promulgation báo giá nắp ghi gang of National Technical Regulations on Occupational Safety for Hanging Floor 12: 2013 / nắp hố ga BLDTBXH). In particular, song chắn rác the manufacture, installation and use of suspended floor in Section 3 is regulated as follows:
"3. Regulations on labor safety management in manufacture, import, circulation, installation and use of suspended operation floor.
3.1. The original technical profile of suspended flooring includes:
3.1.1. The general explanation must show:
- Name and address of manufacturer, model, code, year of manufacture, load and number of persons authorized, type of driving, control;
- Drawings of diagrams and principles of operation;
- The main dimensions of the equipment and the main technical characteristics of the system (control equipment, safety equipment, overload limiting mechanism), the applicable standards of suspension floor.
3.1.2. Drawings of the assemblies of the suspension platform.
3.1.3. The overall drawing of the suspension platform contains the main dimensions and parameters.
3.1.4. Testing and testing procedures, troubleshooting procedures, inspection, repair and routine maintenance.
3.1.5. Manual, installation and disassembly.
3.1.6. Certification of the quality and origin of the components of the suspension platform.
3.2. Conditions to ensure safety for hanging floor manufacturing in the country
3.2.1. To submit technical dossiers according to the provisions of 3.1 of this Technical Regulation.
3.2.2. Suspended domestically manufactured suspension ceilings must be certified for conformity with conformity and announced conformity with the provisions of 4.1 of this Technical Regulation on the basis of technical regulation conformity certification by the Ministry of Labor. - Invalids and Social Affairs.
3.2.3. The manufacturer shall announce the conformity of the regulation and the registration of the technical regulation for suspension platforms in accordance with regulations after being certified.
3.2.4. Labeling of technical regulation before circulation in the market.
3.2.5. To submit to the inspection and supervision by the product and goods quality examination agency of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.
3.3. Safety conditions for hanging suspended floor for import
3.3.1. To submit technical dossiers according to the provisions of 3.1 of this Technical Regulation.
3.3.2. For hanging platforms or accessories of suspension platforms when imported, they must be certified according to regulation 4.1.
3.3.3. In case of import, which, according to bilateral or multilateral agreements between the competent agencies of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and exporting countries, These suspended platforms are exempt from import inspections.
3.3.4. Suspended suspension platforms must be inspected in accordance with the order and procedures prescribed for importation of goods and shall be dealt with if any violation is required by law.
3.3.5. Suspended floor slabs must be labeled and labeled before being circulated on the market.
3.4. Conditions to ensure the safety of hanging floor suspended circulation in the market
Suspended floor suspended circulation in the market, the seller must meet the following requirements:
3.4.1. Ensure that the floor has been certified compliance and labeling technical regulation conformity.
3.4.2. Observe the regulations in the process of storage, circulation floor hanging under the instruction of the manufacturer.
3.4.3. To submit to the quality inspection according to the prescribed contents, order and procedures and be handled if they commit violations according to law provisions.
3.5. Requirements for the installation, maintenance of suspension operations
3.5.1. Suspended floor is only installed when the following conditions are met: Have sufficient technical documentation as stated in section 3.1 of this standard. The domestically-operated suspension platforms must be certified to be technically and technically conformable according to regulations. Suspended suspended operation floor in the form of disassembled must be certified compliance and complete customs clearance after installation. Parts of the attached machine parts must be synchronized or made in the form of joints of many firms and many countries, they must ensure the technical specifications required by the flooring manufacturer to operate in the name.
3.5.2. Requirements for the installation, maintenance of suspended floor operation: Having registered business activities in this field according to the provisions of law. Having adequate staff and workers with appropriate professional skills shall be trained for the first time prior to the assignment of work and annual safety training according to regulations and must be granted the labor safety training certificate according to the regulations. regulations. There are qualified technical equipment for the installation, maintenance and repair of hanging suspended floor. Complies with the manufacturer's safety and installation requirements. To be responsible for the installation and maintenance unit according to the contract signed with the user unit. Operational guidelines, maintenance and repair regimes, periodical inspection regimes and measures to overcome emergency problems for the use units. Construction of safety measures for the installation, maintenance and at the same time