As natural resources are increasingly exhausted, the use of alternative sources is imperative. Cast iron is an alloy of iron, carbon and some other elements. Cast iron is produced from scrap iron, through the cast iron process to create various finished products. It can be said that gangs are everywhere around us.
Depending on the nap gang ho ga requirements of the product, different types of cast iron have been applied to form various types of products to meet the needs of customers. Please mention here some of the cast iron applications bring practical value in life:
• Applications in mechanical engineering
- With complex parts requiring high compressive force but without the need for large bending force such as machine tools (lathes, milling machines, planers ...), the internal combustion engine body is made of gray cast báo giá tấm ghi gang iron.
- Gray cast iron used for production of grinding balls, grinding mills, milling shaft.
- The parts subjected to impact load, abrasive such as crankshaft, oranges, gears, valves, pump body, car parts ... are manufactured from cast iron.
- Bars, transmission gears, flanges, hose couplings, railway parts, marine ... produced from ductile cast iron.
• Application for daily use
- Household products made from cast iron are widely used such as: pots, pans, ...
- Foundry castings are also used for processing portraits, fences, and balustrade for durable, beautiful and safe products.
• Manufacturing manhole cover, cable cover
The underground infrastructure is also very complex and such as surface drainage, waste water drainage, telecommunication cable system, electricity, etc. For maintenance, repair and testing them through the Pits.
The manhole cover, the cable cover made from cast iron is very popular because of the high strength, durability, heavy load, locking mechanism, easy to work according to the design arbitrary.
However, the downside of the manholes cover, this cable cover is quite heavy on the move, installation and risk of theft to sell scrap is quite common.
• Production of garbage, but drainage
Similar to the manhole cover, trash, but drainage on the surface of the surface drainage system is made from cast iron with high durability, bear the load from traffic, can not be cracked and the ability to drain. Well, the first choice for public drainage works.
• Processing tree protection sheet
In many cities, parks now use cast iron panels to protect the stump from the risk of erosion, burglary without affecting the growth of the tree.
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