nap gang ho gaWith the advantages, manhole cover is used widely in the roads as well as urban areas. Therefore, choosing the right materials for the lid is essential.
There are many materials used to make manholes, but the most common are cast iron and composite. These are two properties that have many advantages and high efficiency in using. At first glance, these two materials differ in color, but they differ in many characteristics.
Common masonry filling materials:
1. Cast iron material
The hatch cover made of cast iron is widely used in transportation and construction works. Gray iron and gangrene are two types of pigment commonly used for capping. Advantages of the manhole cover made of cast iron: Durable, low melting, easy to work, flexible, easy to compress, good strength and high efficiency during use. However, this material has a limitation of relatively heavy weight.
2. Composite material
This material is highly durable, resistant to abrasion, light weight, easy to install, highly aesthetic, good elasticity, good anti-theft.
Compared to the manhole cover of cast iron, the lid made of nắp ga composite material has more advantages, so it is preferred for use in urban and street. Composite materials can be said to gradually overcome the limitations of cast iron materials.
Each material has its own advantages, depending on the needs you choose the most suitable material. Along with that, the most important thing is to choose a reputable unit in the production of manhole cover products to the market.
When a product is in widespread use, there are many units that offer quality and price. Not many units have raised prices but the manhole cover is very poor quality, causing serious damage during use. Therefore, finding a reputable unit in the production of products is essential. Our company is the best choice for you. With a team ban nap ho ga thanh an of skilled workers with the latest machinery will ensure to bring products to please you.